The 5 Features That Will Set Your Shopping Center Apart

In a state as naturally beautiful as Florida, shopping isn’t just a task—it’s a pastime, a treasured weekend activity your customers savor.  Knowing this is the first step in achieving a shopping center space they’ll love!

In today’s blog, we will be taking a look at the five features that will make your community shopping center stand out from the rest.


A successful shopping center knows that customers aren’t just popping by for one item at one store—and if they are, it’s part of the landscape’s job to make them stick around for a while. A walkable space is clear of trash, debris, and litter from the trees above (in the way of seeds and leaves). It’s safe, keeping customers a comfortable distance away from the hustle and bustle of the parking lot or nearby roads. Perhaps most importantly, a walkable space should be pleasant to walk through, surrounding shoppers with beauty and a pleasant experience as they make their way from stop to stop.

Water features

Water features may not be essential in every shopping landscape, but they can make a positive impact. Not only do fountains and other features detract from street noise, they can also add to the ambiance of a pleasant shopping experience. Some can serve as spectacles of their own (like elaborate fountains with light displays), while others provide the perfect background noise to offset the everyday sounds of a bustling shopping center.

Reflective spots

For especially large spaces, it can be helpful to have a reflective spot or two where shoppers can relax, enjoy the view, people watch or enjoy a snack. When you give customers a welcome chance to rest their legs and unwind, you’re making it easier for them to enjoy their time at your commercial space.

Greenery in design

The best shopping centers integrate greenery (via trees, grass, shrubs, etc.). into the layout of the establishment, wherever they can, instead of tucking plant life into corners or breaks in the shops. It’s a small touch, but can improve upon the overall shopping experience.

Comfort and shade

To make your walkable space even more comfortable, trees (in tandem with other shade options, like awnings) can help keep customers cool and out of the harsh sunlight. The right maintenance schedule can prevent these trees from littering your walkways.

You’ve seen the features—now are you interested in adding them to your own space? Call us today! We’re experienced in crafting one-of-a-kind spaces shoppers love to spend time in.

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