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Your landscape is always the first impression of your business. At Landscape Design Group, Inc., we believe in making a lasting impression by using the most visually appealing landscape material native to Florida. We have relationships with many vendors across the state to obtain for you the highest quality plants, shrubs, flowers, sod, and mulch. In order to maintain your beautiful outdoor space here in Florida, irrigation is imperative. We have irrigation experts available to design, install, and maintain systems using state of the art components.

We are a full service Landscape Design, Construction, Irrigation, Maintenance and Lawn/Shrub Fertilization & Pest Control Company. We are fully licensed, bonded, and staffed to meet all your landscaping needs. We have been “Connecting Communities to Nature Since 1999” serving Central Florida and neighboring areas.

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In Honor of Arbor Day: The Power of a Strong Tree
In Honor of Arbor Day: The Power of a Strong Tree
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I am writing to offer my sincere recommendation for Landscape Design Group Inc. Maintenance to become your premier landscape maintenance provider. They offer tremendous service, thorough customer care, and competitive value to their service portfolio. I have been working nearly daily with them for many years and i consider it one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I am confident that we have chosen the best service provider to meet our demands and daily needs and am confident in recommending them to your company also. I have no doubt they will exceed your expectations and bring positive and lasting improvements to your property, just as they have done for ours.

- Alex Brian Baker, Flagler,
Flagler, FL

... Landscape Design Group Inc.'s pricing was extremely competitive when bidding out services for the office park and Owners' Association roadways. However, they were not selected solely on price. I chose them after inspecting some of the properties they maintain, and seeing the quality of work they were able to bring to the table.

Also, should an issue arise or if immediate additional services are needed (i.e. storm debris cleanup) they are quick to respond with the capability of handling sizable jobs. 

I am happy to recommend Landscape Design Group Inc. for anyone in need of quality landscape services.

- Hillary Ghani, Crocker Partners,
Jacksonville, FL

... MuraBella is our community that recently hired Landscape Design Group Inc. Co when our previous vendor essentially let things go. LDGI inherited a slew of difficulties in regards to our Bermuda turf, high end shrubs/trees, hardscapes, etc...

Since LDGI has been on board, my numerous complaints have turned into numerous compliments. They've come in and very quickly turned the place around. My berms are essentially weed-free and the ornamental grasses have been trimmed away from walkways. The turf has been treated for weeds on two different occasions and the results are obvious. ... I would HIGHLY recommend Landscape Design Group Inc. Co. to any large community or business that values the appearance of their landscape and sets high standards for their landscape company. 

- Jeff Branch, Vesta Inc.
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