So Long, Slippery Sidewalks

Leaves, seeds, easy-to-miss puddles—there’s no shortage of things that can make your commercial sidewalks slippery.

Fortunately, there are just as many ways to conquer the slip-and-slide action for a safer, comfier walk. Take a look at today’s blog to see just a few of them!

Rethink your water management

Rainy days bring puddles—it’s a fact of life! But if you find that certain sections of your sidewalk always seem to be collecting water, even in light rain, it may be helpful to reconsider your water management plan. Do you have a rain garden where rainwater can collect, out of the path’s way? Are your sprinklers placed too close to the foot path? If there needs to be some tweaking to make your water work even better, we can help!

Add an edge…

Lining the edges of your sidewalk with a sort of “border” material like mulch or pebbles can help keep small grass trimmings and other items off the main path.

… or a new medium entirely

Looking for a new kind of walking space altogether? Replacing basic pavement with stepping stones on a bed of mulch is one great (and simple) way to switch up your space’s look for the spring and summer months ahead. This option can improve the grip you have as you stroll across your space, rain or shine.

Look up above

As is often the case, the key culprit might not be near the ground at all. Even healthy, towering trees can leave their share of leaves, seeds, and litter on the ground below. In addition to solving the quick-term fix of sweeping up that debris, we can also help you eliminate overhanging branches and other possible issues before they create a mess.

Doing away with slippery sidewalks is just one of the ways we here at Landscape Design Group Inc. Maintenance can help you ensure a safer commercial space—one you (and your customers) love spending time in. Call us today to learn more! 

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