In Honor of Arbor Day: The Power of a Strong Tree

Gather ‘round your favorite tree! This Arbor Day, April 28th, we’re taking a look at the surprising power of a strong, healthy tree and its role in the world around it.

It’s cost-effective

According to North Carolina State University’s Department of Horticultural Science, trees might just be the cheapest plants available. That’s because their overall benefit and growth time ensures that your tree will serve you and your outdoor space for years on end—not a bad investment!

A community pillar

It seems that we all have memories of our favorite trees—the one we used as a “base” in elementary school tag, for example—and use them as landmarks to guide where we’re going. When a tree has been around for long enough, it starts to develop a sort of personality in its community. Locals couldn’t imagine their park or backyard without their favorite tree!

AC, free of charge

You already know that big, leafy trees can provide just the shade you need on a hot spring or summer day—but did you know that there’s more than one cooling effect going on? The tree’s leaves help water evaporate and cool down the air with vapor, helping to reduce surrounding temperatures (and make outdoor living even better).

Instant fertilizer

When it comes to growing a rich, beautiful lawn, your old tree can come in handy then, too! Water plus sunlight may be nature’s own brand of fertilizer, but fallen leaves can also help, preventing soil from getting too dry. When those leaves decay, they break down and form an important part of the outdoor ecosystem.

Natural beauty

Of course, what better benefit is there than the natural “wow” factor of a tall, towering tree? The way it preserves unspoiled views, lets in just the right amount of light through the leaves… it’s the perfect addition to any outdoor space.

You’ve seen the facts—now put them to the test! See what a strong, healthy tree can do for your commercial landscape and the community it’s a part of. Call Landscape Design Group Inc. Maintenance to get started!

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